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The SAP Contractor’s Journey

One of the earliest lessons I’ve learned working in SAP — and I’ve worked in SAP now for nearly 20 years — You can make a good living as an employee in business data processing. As an employee, you’ll generally make more than just about everyone else in the company. That’s great, right?  Maybe the CIO will make more than you (but not by such a large margin as you might expect). Of course some sales people will make more.

But I wanted to tell you about what I’ve learned as a contractor in this business.

As a contractor you have the opportunity to make more than just about everyone in the world.

This is pretty serious stuff. A friend of mine is a doctor and he was telling me that on contract to the hospital he was getting $80/hr — and he thought that was pretty good.  And honestly, he was a little upset when he learned that I was making almost double his hourly rate.

He was mad because he thought that the work he was doing was so much more important than the work I was doing, and — why should somebody working at a computer all day get the same .. and not even the same pay.. almost twice his rate!

I told him that life isn’t fair and that he should negotiate himself a better deal with the hospital.

But honestly, I wanted to remind you – my reader – that indeed life is not fair and getting the best rate for your time is up to you alone. Nobody is going to offer this up to you.  And here’s what I’m talking about –  you are going to sit at your computer doing IT work all day long. And it is largely up to you to decide how much you are paid. My advice: if you’re going to sit at the computer and if you’re going to do the work, you may as well receive the most compensation for that time. You will do the same work one way or another – but pay can be radically different. It is up to you to decide.

That’s what this new series “The Contractor’s Journey” is all about. It’s about learning what you need to extract the highest value from your time working in IT (or SAP if you choose).

So, be on the lookout for my next video in which I explain exactly why contracting is the very best way to structure your employment.




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