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the recruiter files

I’ve been working in SAP for a while now — 20 years to be exact.  And I’m proud that many of you have been my readers for a decade or more, and I want to thank you again for the valuable gift of your time and attention.

Many of you know that I have published the “SAP contract negotiation timeline” as a part of my Breaking into SAP program and I dedicate quite a bit of time teaching you how to manage recruiters and the different pitfalls you run into as a contractor – because my friends, there are many, and you need to be armed with information and advice if you want to survive and deal with recruiters on a level playing field.

But now to the purpose of this blog post. The recruiter files.

Over the years I’ve heard it all (and shared it with you). Recruiters not paying you for the work you’ve completed. Recruiters charging the client $180 and paying you only $50. Recruiters paying a kick-back to the hiring manager and paying you late – or never. Threats of being black-balled in the industry — coercion — general all-around sleaze.


But I want an update from you, dear reader.  What have you been seeing on there in the trenches?

Obviously I’ve had my “lessons learned” over the years but I want to hear your stories. Please send them to me in an email mrjimstewart@gmail.com — I will never release your name, and if you like, please tell me the name and if you’d like me to release the full details of the recruitment company that has wronged you.

It will help your fellow SAP consultant, and we’ll all learn each others lessons.

As always, thank you for sharing, thank you for reading, and best of luck with your success journey in SAP.

I remain. Yours truly, Jim Stewart



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