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Technical training first? No.

A reader writes,

Jim, I have seen your “Catch 22” demo. You clearly mentioned that SAP HANA will be the right choice to break into SAP world as it doesn’t require much experience. Only thing I should be very fast in learning. I think I can do it. I need your guidance. I am really confused how I can be benefited by purchasing “SAP MM Inventory Management Training tutorial”. Please guide me. Thanks, Baljeet


From the language you’re using here, I feel like you need more general information about how to get a job in SAP. It’s a process, and I lay this out for you in Breaking Into SAP 3.0. (BITSAP 3.0)

You want to rush right into technical training, but you don’t understand the relationship between SAP, MM, and HANA — if you did, then you would understand how MM-IM training could fit into a training program that would allow you to get a job as a SAP HANA consultant.

Stay tuned for more information on Breaking into SAP 3.0.

Truly, Jim




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