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As you can see below, I offer module specific training in many different areas: FI, MM, SRM, Basis, BW — but over the years I have noticed that many people pursue additional technical training when it is completely unnecessary.  Before I let any of my students spend another dime on technical training, before they take any module training from me, I ask they take Breaking into SAP first. After taking Breaking into SAP, if you have any additional module-specific questions, module training will be available for you to purchase. Of course I hope you join the ranks for those who understand the Breaking into SAP way!

Breaking into SAP (BITSAP for short) is a step by step formula, a job-getting system that thousands of students all over the world have followed to “break into” the lucrative field of SAP consulting.  This is Jim’s Flagship SAP training program, an easy to follow and thorough training program that takes a student from no SAP experience to starting a high-paying job in SAP.

SAP Training System Access

Current SAP Module Training

  • SAP MM Purchasing
  • SAP MM Inventory Management
  • SAP FICO Configuration
  • SAP SRM Project Training
  • SAP SRM Configuration Training

Current SAP Consulting Packs

  • SAP Project Management Consulting Pack
  • SAP BI BOBJ Consulting Pack
  • SAP Basis Consulting Pack
  • SAP ABAP Consulting Pack
  • SAP MM Consulting Pack


What our customers are saying about these training products…

  • Your advice is invaluable, and I’m updating my resume. Thanks so much for the sage advice.
  • Know what? I did not get a job. I got two. One with [CONFIDENTIAL] and, the next week, another with Wipro Technologies, which I, of course rejected, having accepted the first. So now I can say that, not only in my  opinion, but also in my experience, spending time reading you is not at all an expenditure, but an investment.


  • Hi Jim, Your book has really made great impact in my life when it comes to SAP.  You are a man of high capability and of high esteem.


  • Your training book in MM is excellent.


  • The best part of this training is that any Layman can use it to become an SAP consultant.


  • I like how you get to the point on in SPRO. The “How to” in the correct sequence is meat and potatoes.


  • This is by far the best tutorial I have come across thus far.


  • I liked because it is an easy way to deep into FICO SAP.


  • You’re the man, Jim I have received the SAP FICO, DVD you sent. I have gone though it just briefly and its really good. I wish to inquire if i can get other SAP DVD E-books Modules ! \ cheers


  • Hello Jim, This is Awesome! I’ve just got my SAP SRM CD and read a few things about it. I wish to promise you that i will make every bit of effort to see that i can buy a c couple of your CD tutorials.  I want to be one of the few Ugandans to have this great knowledge. Will try to make a thorough followup on it and we see what next. Appreciate, Ana


  • As a beginner, I find the videos very useful to understanding what to expect when one works in FICO.


  • Great step-by-step explanation.


  • The explanations are straight to the point.


  • The training is easy to follow and understand. This training actually demystifies SAP.