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SAP Project Managers

DICE.com published a pretty good article a while back, “21 skills that pay top dollar without certification,” and of course SAP tops the list of most highly compensated skills.  DICE lists HANA, which I think is interesting, and they also list some quirky skill areas, noted below:

  • SAP HANA (especially with SAP CO-PA)
  • SAP FI – FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management)
  • SAP GTS (Global Trade Services)

I wouldn’t suggest trying to get a job in SAP SRM CCM — this is the out-dated catalog software for SRM.  And APO is a pretty specialized skill set. FI is a great area, but you’ll be working with many grandfathers of SAP.

I agree with DICE that these are some well-compensated skill areas, but that’s true for everything in SAP, and these skills are pretty quirky and non-mainstream. But I digress. I wanted to bring this article to your attention because I feel like it’s important to highlight the fact that indeed

1. SAP skills are highly compensated, and,

2. They don’t require certification.

For jobs in SAP,  it’s experience (and positioning) that trump any certifications you might have. And as I’ve been preparing my next course, the “Project Management Consulting Pack,” I’ve been reminded that SAP project management is a really dynamite skill area for those of you who may have been in management positions, or for those of us who have been working for a while, but who want to transition our careers into SAP.

And you won’t be needing a certification to get your first job as a SAP project manager.

Let’s say you’ve been working for 10 years in the accounting department of a major corporation, and you’ve been on SAP implementation projects, or other enterprise system projects. You know how work is done, you know how projects work. You’d be a great candidate for SAP project management work.  I think the SAP Project Management Consulting Pack would help you brush up your resume, get you the tools you need, and get you some reference books to help you with the jargon you’ll need to ace the interview.

I wouldn’t discourage anybody at all from applying for SAP project management jobs — there are simply so many of them. Next to Basis, it’s the #1 most abundant position available on American, European, Indian jobs websites for SAP. There is simply a massive demand for SAP project managers.

Combine this with the high rates, and I’d say this is an area worthy of your consideration.

So go out there and apply for some SAP Project Management positions in your area. You just may be surprised about the response.




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