26 January 2012 ~ 0 Comments

SAP rates going up… fast

Fastest growing rates for tech skills — are in SAP!

Now, more then ever, putting SAP on your resume means getting a raise in salary or hourly rate. For many years we have seen rates in decline, with spikes here and there for very precious or very new skills. But now we’re seeing rates go up in all areas of SAP.  ABAP rates, for instance, are on the rise. Basis and Project Management skills, in particular, should see a push for higher rates.

So when a recruiter asks if you can give a better rate — say “NO,” or my advice: increase your rate by 10%.

Many of us have gotten so used to giving concessions in our earnings that it somehow feels strange to ask for more. But believe me, it feels great when the client comes back and says, “Not a problem.” Which is exactly what they must do in this market to retain SAP talent.

I’m happy to deliver good news when I can. Time for me to catch a plane.

Ciao, Jim





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