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on the right track?

I read a post on the dice.com discussion forums, which I generally find to be overwhelmingly depressing — you have about 100,000 people who have no clue about how to find a job in IT all being miserable together. One poster in particular said:

I have sent out over 100 resumes, and never hear back from recruiters, who now ignore my phone calls. They ignore my emails. What am I going to do? I’ve been looking for a job for 5 months! This economy is horrible!

Nothing could be further from the truth about “the IT economy.” There is an absolutely vibrant market for IT skills and if you’re ready and willing to learn, there is a job for you here.  I wanted to say a few things about how things feel when you’re on the inside, when you have stable and in-demand skills — and I want to tell you what happens when you are on the right track. For one, you should be receiving no fewer than 5-6 unsolicited email notes per day asking for you to send an updated resume, and these notes should be from recruiters or other people with actionable jobs. You should also be receiving at least 2 phone calls from recruiters asking if you’re available to start work.

Are you sending out resumes and not hearing back?  Cut it out!  I never send out unsolicited resumes, never have, and never will. If you’re not receiving a half dozen unsolicited emails per day, and if your phone isn’t blowing up, then you’re off the reservation. You’re doing something terribly wrong. What is it? This is a more complicated answer, part of what you learn as a student in Breaking Into SAP (when I offer the program – we’re currently sold out.)

But know this – when you’re doing the right things, people will be hunting you down for your skills, and they’ll practically beg you to join their projects.

I hope this helps.

Truly, Jim

P.S. In the next couple of weeks I may put together a waiting list for the next batch of students for Breaking into SAP – so watch the blog and get on the list when it opens!




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  1. admin 3 December 2011 at 6:27 pm Permalink

    we’re going to roll out a new website at http://www.breakingintosap.com for the new batch of students. I’ll have some video posted there in addition to a waiting list. Stay tuned and thank you for your interest in Breaking into SAP and SAPCOOKBOOK.

    If you have any SAP job related questions, please send them to me at mrjimstewart1@gmail.com.

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