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MM versus HANA?

A student writes…

I am currently a SAP MM user in my job and would like to go for SAP

consulting job in the future. I am preparing to take the SAP training

courses to be a certified MM associate. But from your clips about sap

career, is it better to go for SAP HANA instead of SAP MM?


I think you’re awfully fortunate to have some experience in SAP. Many of my students come to me with zero experience in any relevant field, so the fact that you are already working in and around SAP will be extremely helpful as you move into consulting.  One reason for this is that without realizing it, you have already been immersed in the business vernacular – the language of SAP. If I were to tell you “Go to MIGO and back out that posting ASAP…” you probably know what I mean, whereas my neighbor would probably not understand.

I think you’re perfectly situated to learn about and move into HANA work. I think you may find it to be more technically oriented than MM functional work. But the skill set is new and there are many opportunities there.

I hope this helps.




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