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highest average SAP rates

sap salary discussion

sap salary discussion

Here’s a a quick “no bull” review of some top-paying skills in SAP, as measured by highest average daily contact rates in the UK and US.*

Each of these skill areas have several hundred openings.  As a close follower of the SAP contract market and employment, to me this means it’s a perfectly viable skill to pursue: if you advertise skills properly in these areas you will be contacted more than once daily to join a project.  Students of mine don’t ever allow themselves to be in a situation where they have to worry about their current or future contracts – there will be plenty of demand to move to another project should your current client become problematic for any reason.

Reminder: these are average daily rates for SAP contractors – you may be at a higher rate, and you may be at a lower rate for a given skillset. Of course, my suggestion is that you always bill the highest rate possible for any given piece of work, only accepting lower rates for good clients or favorable locations.  I’ll talk about what makes a good client in another post.

These rates are “non-inclusive” of any travel expenses. I urge my students to make it very clear to their employers and clients that travel expenses are _not_ compensation and they are not to be thought of as such.

Skilset Daily GBP Daily USD Hourly USD Weekly USD
SAP Logistics Consultant 712 1108 138.5 $5540
SAP Basis 598 930 116.25 $4650
SAP HCM 575 894 111.75 $4470
Senior SAP Project Manager 531 826 103.25 $4130
SAP Manager 525 817 102.125 $4085
SAP BW Project Manager 525 817 102.125 $4085
SAP SRM 520 809 101.125 $4045
SAP Project Manager 500 778 97.25 $3890
ABAP Web Dynpro 500 778 97.25 $3890
SAP XI 500 778 97.25 $3890



* Source dice.com, itjobswatch.co.uk 5/5/2013

Questions about a particular skill set or wonder what you’re worth on the open market?

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