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0 Comments14 April 2012

MM versus HANA?

A student writes…

I am currently a SAP MM user in my job and would like to go for SAP

consulting job in the future. I am preparing to take the SAP training

courses to be a certified MM associate. But from your clips about sap

career, is it better to go for SAP HANA instead of SAP MM?


I think you’re awfully fortunate to have some experience in SAP. Many of my students come to me with zero experience in any relevant field, so the fact that you are already working in and around SAP will be extremely helpful as you move into consulting.  One reason for this is that without realizing it, you have already been immersed in the business vernacular – the language of SAP. If I were to tell you “Go to MIGO and back out that posting ASAP…” you probably know what I mean, …

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0 Comments06 April 2012

The Catch-22

30,000 SAP jobs worldwide with nobody to fill them. 3-5 years experience required. What if you have no experience? How do you break into SAP?

Watch this.


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0 Comments26 March 2012

SAP FICO Package Deal

SAP FICO Package (DVD-only $97) – Configuration Training, 6 e-books, includes shipping of DVD worldwide. Does not include printed paper books (which are available separately).


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0 Comments26 January 2012

SAP rates going up… fast

Fastest growing rates for tech skills — are in SAP!

Now, more then ever, putting SAP on your resume means getting a raise in salary or hourly rate. For many years we have seen rates in decline, with spikes here and there for very precious or very new skills. But now we’re seeing rates go up in all areas of SAP.  ABAP rates, for instance, are on the rise. Basis and Project Management skills, in particular, should see a push for higher rates.

So when a recruiter asks if you can give a better rate — say “NO,” or my advice: increase your rate by 10%.

Many of us have gotten so used to giving concessions in our earnings that it somehow feels strange to ask for more. But believe me, it feels great when the client comes back and says, “Not a problem.” Which is exactly what they …

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0 Comments15 January 2012

Triangle of Trust

Triangle of Trust

It’s been a long time since technical jargon was enough to get you a job in SAP. The market is booming now, so don’t get left behind. Watch this classic video, learn about Jim’s “triangle of trust” and be the #1 pick for your new contract or job in SAP.

Watch Jim’s Triangle of Trust video on YouTube


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1 Comment03 December 2011

on the right track?

I read a post on the discussion forums, which I generally find to be overwhelmingly depressing — you have about 100,000 people who have no clue about how to find a job in IT all being miserable together. One poster in particular said:

I have sent out over 100 resumes, and never hear back from recruiters, who now ignore my phone calls. They ignore my emails. What am I going to do? I’ve been looking for a job for 5 months! This economy is horrible!

Nothing could be further from the truth about “the IT economy.” There is an absolutely vibrant market for IT skills and if you’re ready and willing to learn, there is a job for you here.  I wanted to say a few things about how things feel when you’re on the inside, when you have stable and in-demand skills — and I want to tell …

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0 Comments20 November 2011

stay away from evil clients

2010 was a good year to be in SAP (as are most years), and since our work is so important – has such a potential to transform our clients’ entire organizations, I wanted to put together some thoughts on choosing the right clients.  You need to be picky about where you work. What I’m saying here is: not everybody that’s willing to pay you deserves your help. Let me just put that out there.

SAPCOOKBOOK has had a part in training literally thousands of SAP professionals worldwide, and I’ve learned you’re a smart, conscientious, independent-minded bunch of people.  In light of the global jobs crisis, it feels somewhat glib talking about “how to be picky about your clients,” but I feel like it’s important for us “SAP people,” and in particular my students, to have a global conscience. To have a soul, so to speak. I’d like to raise your …

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0 Comments16 August 2011

it’s a small world

and getting smaller every day

if you’re looking for a book on SAP, please go to


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