I’m Jim Stewart, the creator of Breaking into SAP, the system that has been used by thousands of Information Technology professionals worldwide to gain a foothold in the lucrative field of SAP.  Countless individuals have used this proven formula to improve their lives and create financial security and freedom for themselves and their families.

The impact of this course has been incredible.  Many have used it to increase their salaries to USD$200,000 and more. Many have started from nothing – and have built successful careers in SAP.

Along the way I’ve worked as an SAP Consultant myself, serving many of the World’s top companies, with my customers including SAP Labs India, KPMG, Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, and a dozen leading multinationals in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

This website, sapcookbook.com, is where I show you some of the strategies and issues that are facing our community, and I share with you some of the journeys my work in SAP have allowed me to take.

Finally, the website is about you. It’s about your journey – how to land a job in SAP, how to increase your success and enjoyment of life through secure, abundant, and well-compensated work in SAP.

Yours truly,

Jim Stewart

P.S. Like everybody in this field, I started with nothing.  I have been the lucky recipient of some very good advice, and it’s my desire to pass this on and help others that keeps me going. If you have dreams to follow, I would love to help you realize them.