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ABAP sees highest rates ever

I was talking with a colleague, an ABAP programmer.  We were talking about the SAP consulting industry, and of course — hourly billing rates for SAP skills.  For many of us, our rates have been getting better in recent years, and we wonder – does this apply to all skill areas in SAP?  Will the rates continue to climb? You always hear negative news in our industry, and positive news is rare. But here’s a bit of positive news. Rates are getting higher.

One might expect that if any area would be lower, that the technical rates would be slightly lower, from global pressure, off-shoring, etc.  In fact he has found the opposite.  Rates for SAP ABAP programmers are higher than ever. In fact, they are the highest they’ve ever been.  What about terms, you ask? Are clients taking away ABAP travel expenses?

As an ABAP programmer, he’s receiving rate plus expenses. And has for several years.

It just reminds me that most of us – especially when we get started – we spend most of our time talking with recruiters. They are our primary window into the industry, industry norms and the like.  And of course, recruiters have one objective in mind. They want you to feel like you’re not worthy, they want you to feel like your skills are less than complete. They want you to feel bad about yourself so that when you get an offer, they will be able to extract the highest dollar amount from you. They have their interest in mind – not yours.

And of course recruiters want you to think that market rates are low, and so they’ll tell you “market rates are low” .. when in reality, they’ll bill you at $200/hr, and then offer to pay you $75.

So, dear reader, if you have been looking to move into SAP, and if you happen to be technical and a programmer, I say, “Now is the time.” Rates for SAP ABAP are high, and programming is a great way to launch a career in SAP.

And I should know – because in 1996, that’s how I got my start in SAP!




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