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13 May 2015

The SAP Contractor’s Journey

One of the earliest lessons I’ve learned working in SAP — and I’ve worked in SAP now for nearly 20 years — You can make a good living as an employee in business data processing. As an employee, you’ll generally make more than just about everyone else in the company. That’s great, right?  Maybe the CIO will make more than you (but not by such a large margin as you might expect). Of course some sales people will make more.

But I wanted to tell you about what I’ve learned as a contractor in this business.

As a contractor you have the opportunity to make more than just about everyone in the world.

This is pretty serious stuff. A friend of mine is a doctor and he was telling me that on contract to the hospital he was getting $80/hr — and he thought that was pretty good.  And …

20 April 2015

SAP hiring trends

To sum things up, 2014 was a great year to be in SAP. And 2015 shows much promise.  But like the world around us, things are changing quickly. Notice: when I say “change” there should be no positive or negative connotation attached to that word.  Change isn’t inherently good or bad – it just happens.  I will say this – when we consider the word “change” in the context of SAP and SAP jobs, it often means one thing: opportunity.  It’s important to note that you’re reading this post toward the end of November 2014. These four trends – nobody could have guessed or predicted these trends. But here we are and this is the market we have. So enjoy your new found freedom and prosperity that SAP work provides.

Important: I’m highlighting the trends I’m noticing in SAP hiring so you know what to expect. As always, arming yourself …

26 November 2014

The nature of work in SAP

I hesitate to state the obvious, but when you’re working in SAP, you are doing work with information. You’re adding value to businesses by creating and running business systems that are required so that a business may function.  In essence, you’re helping a business create information. Sometimes you’re setting up transaction processing systems that allow a company to capture and enforce rules about a process. You may also find yourself gathering and synthesizing information to help a business analyze and improve upon an already existing transaction processing system.  Rarely are you doing much of what I call “technology for technology’s sake” — Fiddling with (fine tuning) software and technology without any regard to business process. I want to challenge you to think a bit differently.

I’m writing this today because I want to remind you that work in SAP is fundamentally different than work that you may encounter in other …

02 September 2014

Why I created Breaking into SAP 3.0

What do you think about current training available in SAP? Everyone benefits when you comment below.…

07 July 2014

Where are the jobs in SAP?

Here is the list of top skill sets in SAP by open number of jobs around the world.  This is by no means a comprehensive evaluation of the global SAP jobs market – local variations will be apparent – but over the years I have found my index to be a reasonably good proxy for the demand for SAP skills worldwide. Trends in technology are now global.  Following the chart below, I have included a brief discussion about your prospects in each skill category.

SAP Basis 3715
SAP Mgt.* 2754
SAP CRM 1484
SAP SD 620
SAP MM 605
ABAP 509
SAP FI 453
SAP BW 447
SAP Hana 161
IS-Oil 3

* SAP Mgt. means “SAP Project Manager”

SAP Basis

We’re seeing that more and more, a whole host of technical skill sets are being bucketed into the “SAP Basis ” category. Skills with the proxy …

22 February 2014

Thank you, SAP !

For those of you just getting your start in SAP, I wanted to show you a video (I think it’s a pretty great video) from a trip I made last year.  And I want to give credit where credit is due. This trip was made possible by my work in SAP.

And when you work in SAP, the world is literally your oyster. There are jobs in The East, The West, and everywhere in between.  You can do anything and go anywhere you decide: here’s what I did last year when I took a week off for my own personal enjoyment. Thank you SAP!

(Please click the picture below to see the video!)


04 February 2014

my biggest mistake working in SAP

18 July 2013

highest average SAP rates

Here’s a a quick “no bull” review of some top-paying skills in SAP, as measured by highest average daily contact rates in the UK and US.*

Each of these skill areas have several hundred openings.  As a close follower of the SAP contract market and employment, to me this means it’s a perfectly viable skill to pursue: if you advertise skills properly in these areas you will be contacted more than once daily to join a project.  Students of mine don’t ever allow themselves to be in a situation where they have to worry about their current or future contracts – there will be plenty of demand to move to another project should your current client become problematic for any reason.

Reminder: these are average daily rates for SAP contractors – you may be at a higher rate, and you may be at a lower rate for a given skillset. …

05 May 2013

why are you leaving (or did you leave) your current position?

I was reading through one of my favorite books, “65 Interview Questions,” and I read the following question. “Why are you leaving (or did you leave) this position?”  because it reminds me about one of the most important principles of getting the very highest rates, and it underscores the importance of working in the highest-demanded areas possible, and it perfectly represents one of the best strategies you can employ when looking for and getting new jobs in SAP (and anywhere, really…)

Your most important, your strongest leverage in this business is scarcity. The very best answer is that you’re not 100% committed to leaving your current post. That you’re happy to stay put, but you’re always open to new and interesting opportunities if the right offer comes along. This is important because it means you are scarce – even if you receive an offer, you may decide that it’s best …

21 March 2013